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Chem Rx is a long term care pharmacy and has been in business for over 50 years. We have expertise in serving many industries and provide prescription and non-prescription drugs, intravenous medications, durable medical equipment items and surgical supplies for approximately 55,000 residents.


Chem Rx believes in an individualized client-focused approach that is designed for each client’s specific needs. We have the capability to customize our services to meet the requirements of your facility or agency and to best meet the needs of your residents. We will tailor the packaging of drugs, delivery schedules, reporting, formulary and information technology needs to best suit your facility.


Chem Rx, a subsidiary of PharMerica Corporation, is headquartered in Long Beach, New York where it operates out of a 75,000 square foot facility. Chem Rx also has pharmacy in Albany, New York. Chem Rx services facilities within a 150-mile radius of each site.


  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Addiction Treatment Facilities
  • Mental Health Populations Adult Homes
  • Assisted Living Residential Living
  • AIDS Correctional
  • Hospice Adult Day Care


Each Chem Rx client has a dedicated Service Team and Pharmacy Liaison that will customize your service package to your specifications. Clients depend on our frequent visits, transition support and training, participation in charitable fund raising efforts and ongoing training and education for their staff with CE credits.


Chem Rx and its protocols are designed to fill prescriptions accurately and expediently. We utilize several electronic ordering programs, ensuring each prescription is legible. These programs allow our clients to check for any drug-to-drug interactions, check the formulary status, and generate reports, reminders, patient profiles, and delivery tracking. This technology streamlines order processing and shortens the turnaround time for your facility. Each completed order is then reviewed by two pharmacists in the Quality Assurance stations for accuracy and labeling.


Chem Rx keeps all medications in stock and offers multiple daily deliveries 365 days per year. We are contracted with all insurance plans, and offer Part D expertise and management.