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Chem Rx is open 365 days per year, and delivery schedules are customized to meet each facility’s needs. Our pharmacists are instantly available by phone, fax or e-mail to address any questions or issues.

Chem Rx provides other services to clients including ongoing monitoring and customized reporting and billing. We assist our clients in meeting the state and federal compliance standards of their industry. All technology and billing programs are designed in conjunction with our clients’ input and participation, so that we can ensure that they work best for the clients. In addition, our projects that are currently in development will be implemented with the assistance of specific client advisory boards.

Client Services

Chem Rx focuses on each client’s specific needs and requirements. We recognize that each of the industries we service is unique, and have therefore created specialized Client Services Teams, dedicated to meet those needs and exceed your expectations. These highly trained teams are comprised of staff with substantial industry experience, and in many cases, people who have previously worked in the administrative and medical staff of facilities such as yours. Their insight into the facility’s perspective is invaluable to our client focused approach. In addition, each facility has a designated liaison from the Chem Rx team, to ensure a smooth transition to our pharmacy and support your ongoing needs thereafter.

Chem Rx also provides the following services to all of our clientele:

• Multiple Daily Deliveries, 365 days per year
• Customized Medication Packaging
• Participation in all Medicare Part D Plans
• Proprietary Systems and Technology
• Customized Reports, Forms and Billing
• Prescription Document Imaging System
• Regularly scheduled visits with designated Liaison(s)
• Transition support and training
• Ongoing on-site training for Facility Staff
• Educational Industry Specific Seminars
• Strong Participation in Fund Raising and Charitable Facility events