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Chem Rx offers its clientele a number of Proprietary Technology Services. These programs have been developed to allow our clients to utilize Chem Rx’s substantial resources in selecting the most effective and least expensive drugs. These services simplify the prescription generation and filling processes, facilitate communication with The Company and eliminate manual error. Chem Rx will work with each facility to determine which program(s) will be most efficient and user friendly for the facility staff. These programs can be used individually, or in conjunction with one another in order to streamline the ordering process, and reduce the turn-around time.


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Chem Plus - Computerized Physician Order Entry - Our system prohibits non-formulary orders for both dually eligible, Part D residents or Part A, residents.  Average facility bill has dropped by 18.5% after three months of usage.  Facility has real-time Medical Records.  Any order processed at the facility is automatically linked to the pharmacy dispensing system resulting in the shortest possible turnaround time.

  • Web-based computerized prescription entry software system
  • Client easily selects medications based on effectiveness, cost and formulary status
  • Prevents staff from ordering non-formulary drugs
  • Eliminates manual handwriting of prescriptions, with an automatic send to
    Chem Rx
  • Real time medical records
  • Forms printed on demand at facility


  • Generates cost containment drug usage and drug category reports at any time
  • Complete, up-to-date data is readily available, with customized sorting capabilities
  • On-line order entry system as well as refill ordering system and order D/C cabability
  • Ability to review resident’s entire profile with real-time information
  • Track and check status details of any prescription in real time, from pharmacy to delivery
  • Drug price calculator determines the expected medication cost of a new patient. Look up the price of any medication at any time
  • Real Time patient profiles
  • Ability to discharge patients from facility
  • Scan prescription labels and upload to ChemLink to reorder meds


Chem Rx utilizes Document Imaging System, which processes prescriptions electronically and controls the workflow within the pharmacy. This cutting edge technology reduces the turnaround time for our clientele as orders are instantly received by our computer processing department. In addition, we are able to magnify and clarify the prescriptions on the computer screen, and to instantly fax back to the facility when further clarification is needed.

Highlights of Document Imaging

  • Order is instantly received for processing
  • Greatly improves the communication, reporting and client servicing capabilities with each facility
  • On-screen magnification and clarification of prescriptions
  • Automatic return fax to facility for any additional clarification
  • Bar Coded labels to automatically process refills
  • Allow facilities to check order status via the internet


Delivery Tracking is available through the ChemLink section of our website, you can track any Rx and know its status in the pharmacy throughout our process. Updated within minutes, your staff can get accurate information regarding any order without calling the pharmacy.


Chem Rx guarantees use of our full perpetual inventory system that will assure you availability of all medications.

Our inventory system is a complete pharmacy and materials data-management package designed specifically for the healthcare industry. The system is a complete inventory and ordering system that electronically re-orders medications once below a specified minimum level.

  • Assure delivery of medication in timely manner by maintaining levels of inventory.
  • Manages transferring of merchandise between different inventory locations within the building
  • Adjusts minimum re-order levels based on past usages
  • Allows us to minimize owes/follows/backordered medication to customers